Time for the EP

I have some stuff I think you should hear. I think you'll find that it's worth listening to.  A spoken word intro, 6 songs, and an adorable audio snippet from my Abuelita. 27 musical minutes. Some of it, I hope, you might wanna listen to again and again.


I made this music in the past years of wandering in the desert of the soul, hearing voices, and trying to find my voice. In those years, I probably recorded a thousand minutes. Now I think I've begun to find my artistic voice. I've chosen 27 minutes out of the thousand, to represent what I am becoming as an artist. 

I envision this as a small scale, self release, of mainly DIY tracks.


Do you have any advice on how to do this well? Should I ask for listener/fan support, or keep it very simple and put it on my credit card?


CD release party? Where, when?


Any thoughts on Album art, CD cases, iTunes, Soundcloud, or Amazon?


I'd love to hear your thoughts as professionals or as listeners.


Thanks for being a part of the community that has nurtured this music.





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