Songs for Sánchez Live- Organizing, Imagining and Pizza

This is a space my music is made for! Música en vivo de #MarcosdelaGuagua inspired by @PiSanchezNYC as we gather & organize for victory in the Nov general election, and imagine what comes next. Sat 10/16 2pm 2497 Jerome Av…


Sunday 9/12/21, Praying with a Saint of 9/11/2001

Classes were cancelled as we got word of the attacks, on the morning of 9/11/2001. The head of the dance department assembled students in one studio. The first thing she said was, “You must realize, we are going to war.” 

Costly Grace, Music in Dialogue with MLK's Legacy

When Dr. King said “We, as a people, will get to the promised land!”, he was speaking to a mostly African American christian community engaged in a struggle for the dignity of striking sanitation workers. He was intimately communicating a…


Baile de Cortéz

Guaguer@s Estimad@s, 

Here is my musical homage to Alexandria Ocasio Cortéz: “Baile de Cortéz" 

Baile de Cortés means “dance of courtesy”, a description of AOC’s unique combination of warriorship, grit, graciousness, empathy and kindness. 


Sick of Santa Claus? Check Out Ol’ Saint Nick

Esteemed Guaguer@s, 

Saint Nicholas is the patron of the defense of young people from abuse or exploitation. 

If you’ve felt abused or exploited by the holiday season of shopping and consumption, maybe the stories of the life and…


This is Mychal’s Prayer

Guaguer@s Estimad@s,

At a screening of the film, Saint of 9/11, Brendan Fay, one of the film's producers, gave me a prayer card with a picture of Father Mychal Judge on the front, and this text on the…